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20 in 2020

The goal of the CCI ministry is to see spiritual mature, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ made in all the countries where CCI works. As we train and equip pastors in the Word of God and practical ministry, they take what they have learned and teach it to their people. We are continuously searching for a pastor who not only trains the people of his church but also seeks to start classes and help other churches get equipped as well. When we discover someone taking the initiative to multiply what they have learned to others, we invite them to join our staff in that country as an Area Coordinator.

As an Area Coordinator, they oversee the classes and teachers in their area. They initiate and facilitate Teacher Training Workshops so that new pastors are trained in how to teach the CCI curriculum. Some of these new coordinators serve as part-time volunteers since they must work to provide for their families and pay for ministry travel expenses. Many part-time coordinators are willing to serve full-time with CCI but lack the funding to do so.

So, what is the 20 in 2020 GOAL? We want to add 20 new Area Coordinators in 2020. In most cases, it takes $300 per month to provide sufficient income to support their family and ministry travel expenses.

Let me introduce you to Pastor T from Myanmar.

(Identities are hidden to protect participants)

​Pastor T works with the Naga people group in Northern Myanmar, near the border of India. The Naga people are made up of several tribal groups, mostly farmers in the mountain areas. Pastor T walks for miles from his home to teach classes in several villages each week. Some of his students are pastors and workers in their small village churches. His students have no formal training in the Scriptures and no Biblical resources available to them. They are learning the Word of God, how to interpret it, and teach it to others in their native language of Burmese.


Pastor T farms for part of his week and then teaches classes for the rest of the week. He wishes to teach classes full-time, but for this to happen, he needs to become one of the 20 in 2020.


Would you consider making this possible for Pastor T? He is a proven, faithful servant and a good teacher of the Word of God.


Please consider investing $300 per month to help Pastor T and others like him serve as full-time Area Coordinators.

If you cannot invest $300 per month, perhaps you can contribute another amount each month toward reaching the 20 in 2020 Goal. You might be unable to make a monthly commitment but would you consider making a generous one-time gift toward the 20 in 2020 Goal?

Thank you for your investment.

You are making the difference in thousands of lives for eternity as you invest in the CCI ministry.