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CCI began ministry here in 2011 and now the training has spread among various Bible believing churches in the North and South Islands. As of August 2020, we had 13 BTCP classes, 168 students and 39 graduates.

CCI continues to expand its ministry among Central America. For more information and project needs, please contact us.


Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west.

Population: 408,487

Language: English, Kriol, Spanish, Mayan languages, German (Plautdietsch, Standard German, Pennsylvania German), Garifuna, Chinese

Ethnic Groups: 52.9% Mestizo, 25.9% Creole, 11.3% Maya, 6.1% Garifuna, 4.8% European, 3.9% East Indian, 1.0% Chinese, 1.2% Other, 0.3% Unknown

Income: Average income per person is $800/month.

Capital: Belmopan

Religion: 73.8% Christianity, 15.5% No religion, 10.1% Others, 0.6% Undeclared

Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy



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