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Training Events

Teacher Training Workshop

Purpose:  To train and equip qualified individuals to lead classes using the Bible Training Centre for Pastors curriculum.  This comprehensive curriculum provides students with the knowledge, ministry skills, and Christ-like character necessary for effective ministry.  Training is provided using a discipleship model using the Bible as the foundational textbook and in an interactive, hands-on approach.

​Prerequisites:  Completed theological training in a formal or non-formal standing, practical ministry experience, and pastoral recommendation.

To schedule a TTW, click here.

seminar on Advanced Expository preaching

We provide training for sermon preparation through the Seminar on Advanced Expository Preaching, helping you understand the text in the context of the time and culture it was written and then, how to make relevant application for today. We also provide training on God’s Financial Principles, teaching how to be a good steward of the resources God has entrusted to us.

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