You Helped Equip Goldbai to Become a Multiplying Leader in the Midst of Ghosts and Spirits


If you accompanied me to Thailand you would see spirit houses many places. A spirit house is a small house on a platform in the corner of a property where they place offerings to departed ancestors and spirits.  


A central belief is these spirits or ghosts also occupy places (e.g. a forest) and therefore these spirits must be appeased by making offerings to them.



A spirit house in Thailand

This is true not only of Thailand but most countries in Asia where Crossing Cultures International (CCI) equips leaders.

One of our many CCI students is Goldbai.  I think you’ll be excited to know the impact you partnered to make in transforming many lives now and in the future generations for Jesus:


Goldbai sharing his testimony

“My name is Goldbai. Before becoming a Christian, at our field there was one person who suggested that the land cannot be sold or used because there are ghosts and evil spirits there and no one will buy it. Then the person who recommended it said not to sell, just to believe in God as a Christian. There will be no more fear of ghosts and that land will have a lot of benefits.


So, I decided to believe in God.

When you first come to believe in God, you do not have much understanding of God. But at that time, I wanted to know more about God and to thank God when I got to know Him better. I then saw that when I trusted in God, my life was changed and there was peace. I also wanted others to believe in God.

In the past, we were afraid of evil spirits and we were under the power of evil spirits. But now we are free from it through Jesus Christ and for God listening to my prayers. Now, my family, children, and grandchildren are also Christians.

But God did not just stop me from knowing Him. God has called me to be His servant and worker. I know that it is not easy to serve God, but it is not too difficult for God who will use ordinary people like me. God has provided good and effective Bible training through CCI, which I am currently attending, and I am delighted that I have had such a valuable and precious opportunity. The training in the Word of God through CCI equips for effective ministry.

We read in Colossians 2:15, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He triumphed over and put to shame Satan and all his minions. Ephesians 1:20-21 reveals that God raised Jesus far above every power and authority. Jesus defeated the spirit world through His death and resurrection.  As His followers, like Goldbai, through Jesus we have access to this same power over every fallen power in Asia, the United States or anywhere in the world.

Thank you so much for partnering with us through giving and prayer. Through your intercessions we are confronting the darkness together and bringing light by equipping leaders and lay people who become multipliers. 


Grace and peace,
Dr. David Nelson
Founder and President
Crossing Cultures Internationa