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Bangladesh: A Journey of Growth, Faith, & Fellowship

From Pastor S:

Dearest brothers and sisters eternally in Christ! I am so glad that God is using me through CCI for His Kingdom. CCI has equipped me well through a variety of training so that I can go to different churches and train the people of God. The pastors, leaders, and church members can know about the Bible and understand their responsibility for the Great Commission and grow spiritually through training. They will all be prepared to share the Gospel and the Church will increase. God has blessed me very much in the past few months. I have visited different churches to talk with pastors and leaders about CCI training. They have expressed great interest in working with the ministry to receive the training so that they can be better equipped concerning the Gospel.

God gave me the opportunity to go to Thailand to participate in the CCI Global Conference. It was a great achievement and highlight of my life. While there, I did graduate through 3 years of discipleship training. Read More.



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