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Cambodia: Biblical Knowledge & Financial Wisdom

CCI Cambodia and CCI Vietnam cooperated to host together a Bible overview seminar in Da Lat, Vietnam, on April 2nd and 3rd. At least 16 pastors dove into enriching training sessions, equipping them to understand and teach the Old and New Testaments with depth and clarity. Through collaborative efforts, the event provided a valuable opportunity for pastors to deepen their understanding of scripture, enhancing their ministry impact within their congregations.

On April 9-10, the God's Financial Principles seminar was conducted for the tribal people in

Rattanakiri Province. The seminar was attended by over 60 Christians who came together to learn and enhance their understanding of Bible financial principles.

• The seminar spanned over two days, commencing from 8 am and concluding at 10 pm each day.

• Participants actively engaged in learning sessions provided by CCI Cambodia.

• Many attendees shared their financial challenges and concerns, particularly regarding debt.

• Participants expressed enthusiasm and a desire to apply the principles learned during the seminar to their daily lives.

We all pray that the blessings of God will accompany their efforts towards overcoming debt and achieving financial well-being. Read More.



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