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Cambodia: Helping New Believers Grow

We thank the Lord for the fruitful ministry of the South Pacific Tour 2023 in Australia and New Zealand, particularly in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Our team was blessed with the opportunity to share the Word and fellowship with our Cambodian brothers and sisters in Christ. It was inspiring for me to witness their hunger to grow and deepen their faith in the Lord.

Moreover, it brought great joy to see how the videos on CCI Cambodia's Facebook page have impacted their spiritual growth. The Cambodians expressed their delight in the fruitfulness of CCI Cambodia's ministry, and some have requested us to initiate training courses for them in Australia. We will continue to lift their needs before the Lord, asking Him to send someone equipped to help them grow in Christ.

Amidst the COVID crisis in Cambodia, the price of food and other commodities has increased substantially due to inflation, followed by an economic downturn. Consequently, many Cambodians, including churchgoers, are leaving their homes and families in search of employment in the cities or emigrating to neighboring countries like Thailand to support their loved ones. Read More.



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