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CCI President: How is CCI Reaching the Nations?

CCI's ability to expand into new areas is predicated on the work of our coordinators. Under the guidance of the National Director, our coordinators develop and expand the training with local churches, pastors, and church leaders. Through Teacher Training Workshops (TTW), they equip local leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to teach the CCI curriculum and gain ministry skills. Our coordinators oversee and conduct these TTWs and are “on the ground,” shepherding new teachers and certified trainers to ensure quality training.

When I started this ministry in the Philippines, I began with a staff of three Filipino coordinators. Since then, the Lord has opened doors to equip nearly 14,000 leaders globally.

This relational discipleship model works because it employs Jesus’ apprenticeship teaching method. Our coordinators look to Jesus’ relationship with His disciples as THE Example for equipping and multiplying leaders. It’s more than just imparting Bible knowledge—it’s growing in character, developing ministry skills, and applying all that is taught and caught to make future disciples of Jesus Christ.



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