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Central America: As The Lord Leads

2023 is proving to be a busy and exciting year for CCI Central America. God opened doors for us in Honduras and in El Salvador in January and now we are walking through those doors as the Lord leads us.

Our Guatemala Western Regional Coordinator, Hamid Gutierrez, returned to Honduras this month to train new teachers. David Nelson, CCI’s Founder and President, joined him for this training event. The Honduran Baptist Convention has asked us to train teachers in every association in their convention so they can start training pastors and church planters across their country.

This is an exciting development, but one we must approach with wisdom and the Lord’s guidance. We have no leadership in Honduras at this point and new teachers need ongoing training, oversight, and accountability. These are somewhat difficult to provide by our Guatemalan leadership because of the distance and the fact that travel is not easy in these countries.



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