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From the President: CCI Training in Guatemala and Beyond

In 2019, CCI Vice President Glenn Kurka and I were visiting CCI staff in central Alabama when we were introduced to Dr. Ray McKenzie. Ray serves as the Director of Missions for Elmore Baptist Association and had already been trained to serve as a CCI trainer. As we talked, it seemed beneficial to us, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we asked Ray to join our team. We invited Ray to serve as the Regional Director over the Malay countries of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Ray had some contacts there but had never visited. So, we planned to travel there together to meet the team and strategic partners. Then the pandemic started—closing these countries to visitors. However, at the same time, the doors for Guatemala began to open. Ray had developed strategic partnerships between churches in the Baptist Association and churches in Guatemala. In light of this, Ray adapted his plans and started classes in Guatemala. We taught our first class in Coatepeque in June 2021 and then added our second class in Quetzaltenango in September 2021, with both classes set to graduate in June 2024. These will be the first classes CCI will graduate in Central America, and we could not be more excited about this milestone. In April of last year, Ray and I led a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) with his contacts, who were qualified to become trainers. Ten (10) pastors and leaders attended the Teacher Training Workshop in Quetzaltenango and became certified trainers. As a result, we now have 12 classes with 84 students in Guatemala, with other classes planned to commence this fall. Read More.

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