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India: CCI India Ministry Expanding And Bearing Fruit By God's Unlimited Power

We praise God for His wonderful work during these two months of CCI India ministry as we could start two new classes and also hold three ceremonies in which 38 students graduated for God’s glory.

I praise God that I could personally visit the classes started by our teacher Brother Vinod in Rajhamundry. My stay was for 3 days and I could personally visit and teach two classes in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The first class was 4 hours away from Rajhamundry, and I traveled in a bus to reach this class in Rajavommangi. This class had nearly 25 students and all the students were encouraged by my visit. Here, I taught Book 5: Bible Doctrine Survey.

The second class was nearly 60km (37.3 miles) from Rajahmundry, which is called Rampachodavaram. This class has 20 students. All the students from both of these classes enjoyed the training given by the CCI India Ministry. Read More.



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