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India: Dedicated Graduates

We praise God for His wonderful work during this month of the CCI India ministry. We were able to start one new class, the CCI class for lay leaders and believers in Hyderabad City at a place called Manikonda. Brother Sanjeev, one of our graduates, was instrumental in starting this CCI class with fifteen students. Most of these students expressed a great need to learn God’s Word systematically and are looking forward to the CCI course.

We also thank God for the present CCI Fall tour of visiting different churches and donors. I personally thank God for His protection and leading throughout this tour. Please continue to pray for the tour, and that God will open the hearts of people to give for the ministry needs for His glory.

We further thank God that most of our graduates have been led by God to start new classes for His glory. Additionally, some of our trained graduates are helping in teaching the manuals.

Our team of CCI teachers and trainers are teaching their assigned classes effectively and training disciples for effective ministry. Please continue to pray for the CCI India ministry and expansion. Thank you for your prayers and support. Read More.

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