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India: Giving Thanks & Praise for God’s Leading, Enablement & Provision

I praise God that we could attend the Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2023. A total of 6 representatives, along with the National Director, attended the Global Conference. The entire group actively participated in the Conference sessions and were greatly motivated.

The highlights of the Conference were worshipping God from different countries and languages. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet CCI staff from various countries. The entire CCI India team was deeply impacted by the Vision and Mission of CCI. Each participant has expressed that after attending the conference, they have gained a comprehensive understanding of the CCI Ministry.

Immediately after the Global Conference, I conducted a one-day teachers' meeting in Hyderabad on November 21 with a total of 19 teachers. I shared the CCI vision, mission, team development, and ministry expansion for those who did not attend the Global Conference. Many new teachers attended this event and all the teachers gained a clear understanding of the CCI mission and vision. This conference greatly contributed to the CCI India Team's preparation for the 2024 ministry.

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