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India: God's Abundant Blessings: Expansion and Graduation in India

God's magnificent work during the month of July in the CCI India ministry is worthy of our praises. Our team successfully started four new classes and held graduation ceremonies for one of my CCI classes that I teach and another for one of our partners.

As a team, we praise God that He is blessing our efforts by increasing the ministry in India. As the director and the class teacher of an online CCI class, I attended the graduation ceremony at Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, in Secunderabad, Telangana State in which 13 students learned God’s Word for one and half years. Each student expressed their gratitude for the training received, attesting to the ways in which it has improved their skills as evangelists and Sunday School teachers. With an understanding of all sixty-six books of the Bible, they can now readily distinguish true teachings from false ones.

We also thank God for adding 4 new classes. These classes are located in Bandlaguda, with 12 students; online with 6 students; a class in Bidar with 16 students; and the final one in Mustabad with 8 students. This has brought our total count of trainees to 42 new disciples, who are receiving the necessary training for more effective ministry. Read More.



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