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India: New Classes = New Disciples

We praise God for His work during this past month of the CCI India ministry as we could start 7 new classes: 2 in Telangana State and 5 in Odisha. We have successfully completed an online graduation on July 9, 2022 with 12 graduates, who have learned God’s word for 15 months.

We praise God for the new classes that started in different parts of Odisha with 80 students. We are thankful that He brought all these students who will learn God’s Word systematically with Odiya manuals. We also thank God for providing good, committed teachers who are discipling these 80 students for God’s glory.

We praise God for the 2 new classes started in Telangana state with a total of 39 students who are willing to learn all the 10 CCI books. Continue to pray for these students.

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