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India: New Start - New Classes - New Disciples Trained

I praise God that we could start this New Year 2024 with a faculty prayer meeting in my house. Nearly 6 teachers attended the prayer meeting, and we prayed for the CCI Ministry. By God’s grace, we have started 2 new classes in February. One class was started by our former student in Alwal with nearly 12 students. Another class was started by a new teacher, Bro. Kiran, in Lucknow, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, with 18 students. Praise God for these new disciples added in 2024.

I also took a 5-day ministry trip in February to the state of Odisha, along with our teacher, Bro. Stephen, from Vizag. We both arrived in Rayagada, Odisha on the evening of the 5th.



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