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India Sub-Continent: Frontlines

This month has been about readiness for us. Now that we are settled, we can get comfortable and spread our wings a bit. We have made some new friends and see God at work continuously. Can I tell you how important Missions is? During the pandemic, we all became acquainted with the term "essential worker." What would this world be like without the Gospel and the spread of the Gospel? Those spreading the Gospel are essential and they willingly go to the frontlines. Even in the military, the front lines are absolutely essential in battle. They serve two major purposes...

1) For readiness

2) For stability

Being ready means being prepared and poised to enter the enemy's territory. A well-prepared people are also people who are constantly advancing. This is Missions, which is absolutely essential and at the heart of the Gospel. Let's start planning for you to come and see what the Lord is doing. Thank you for your prayers and your support. Read More.



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