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India Sub-Continent: Godliness

We praise God for His presence in our lives. A life in missions takes a godly attitude and approach. How fast things move is not up to us nor the time that it takes to get there and do it. We plan, we hope, and we trust while giving the Lord the hardest part of bringing forth the fruit. There are moments of honor as well as sacrifice in His service. While the path is laid, we do well by capturing the moment. Godliness, the display of being an image bearer of our Lord.

What we share with you are pictures in time. God has saved and empowered our team across the Subcontinent so that lives and activities would glorify His name. I praise God for the simplicity of the universal Gospel that changes hearts. There is one Savior, Jesus, who is enough to resolve man's depravity and punishment. Missions is taking one message, exalting God's name as He works through sent people who have laid down their lives. Therefore, those receiving the message can also receive His spirit and be godly. Read More.



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