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India Subcontinent: Feed My Sheep

When I think about the heartfelt words of Jesus as John 21 draws to a close, there are these words, “Come and dine” and then “Feed my sheep.” This touches me because as I realize the risen Savior and I spend time with Him then (and only then) can I heed the important command to feed His sheep. Jesus was going away so He put His disciples in charge and gave them a mandate. This means they were given a job to do regardless of the hardships. The intensity by which God spoke to Peter resonates with me and it reverberates. I feel this in my soul!

For this reason, I lay my life down so that Christ shines through me. It is by His grace that I am able to lead great men and women and entrust them with the same ministry I was given. The name of Jesus is spreading and Christ’s people are growing into maturity. O’ magnify the Lord with me. He is greatly to be praised! I hope that your joy is kindled upon seeing all that the Lord has done.

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