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India Subcontinent: Gaining Knowledge

Coal by itself does not look like much, but it is extremely relevant and has so many uses. I pause to think about the knowledge God in light of this. In a world where there is so much activity, things to do can take us away from knowing God. The things we see and experience could point us to our Creator, but God went two steps further down the track. The first, He gave His only Son and the second, He gave us the divine Word. The Word was covered in Jesus (more valuable than coal). The essence of the Word is Jesus. There is not one without the other. Think about how timeless the Word of God is, even more than coal.

The significance of this drives believers to participate in the Great Commission. Hearing the Word is important, therefore we GO. When we live in obedience to Christ, we move at the pace that is pleasing to Him to fulfill His will in our lives. As we make disciples in the Subcontinent, a real reverence for the Word transforms into action. Sound doctrine is taught and each pastor and leader gains knowledge of our Lord. Read More.



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