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India Subcontinent: "Prepared"

Updated: May 16, 2023

It is so ironic that this is my scheduled title for the month of April, which was determined many months ago. It makes me think of the bigger picture and how God’s will is already determined. It is so good to see God’s will be done in our lives. God wants all of us to accomplish varying things for His glory. Therefore, doing what God wants each of us to do takes preparation. Are you getting prepared?

My family and I are prepared to GO for God’s glory. We write with warm hearts because of great encouragement and support for our family and ministry. The ways in which you give of yourselves lifts our spirits. This is what it means to work together for the kingdom of God. As we lock arms, we anticipate God doing great things. Scroll through this newsletter because you are a part of God’s will and can partake in the fruit as He brings it forth.


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