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India Subcontinent: Relational

This month, my family has taken the opportunity to share with many about what the Lord is doing in our lives. As we pursue God and walk in the calling as missionaries, we endeavor to keep strong bonds with you. There are great things on the horizon, including us relocating to better facilitate the growth in the India Subcontinent and beyond.

The people of God are the most valuable players on the planet. Without you as a part of the ministry, we could not take the Gospel this far. Just as well as God is working in our lives, He is also working in you. God desires for us to grow in relationship with Him and with each other. Good relationships are the fuel for good ministry and service to God. Missions is the vehicle by which Christians travel in the power of God to take the Gospel to every corner of the earth. It takes real people to support others. The bigger the job, the bigger the support base must be. Like a skyscraper pointing toward heaven, the depth of the foundation is relative to the height of it. God is erecting a huge ministry and we are the supporters. I’m so glad to know you and do relationship with you. Read More.



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