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India:Teaching, Celebrating, & Preaching

I praise God that we could close this year, 2023, with Christmas celebrations and gospel preaching in most states of India during this Christmas season.

I visited some classes in Telangana during the second week of December to teach, encourage, and celebrate Christmas with the students. We celebrated by cutting a cake and had a good fellowship time of worship and prayer with all the students in these classes.

On Christmas day, I visited a village church with my family, located 25 miles from my house. I preached to the congregation who attended that day from Matthew 1:23 and other verses. The birth of Jesus was supernatural, and He came to dwell with His own created people. Jesus took on humanity to reveal who God is, and He came to pay the penalty of our sin. Nearly 150 men, women, and children attended the Christmas service. It was a great time of fellowship and celebration with all the congregation. Read More.

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