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India: Visit From the CCI President

We praise God for the CCI ministry during the month of May. We had a wonderful time with Dr. David Nelson, who was visiting India from May 12-17, 2022. While in India, he led a God's Financial Principles (GFP) seminar on May 13, 2022 for 13 teachers in Hyderabad. All the teachers were blessed by the seminar and made the decision to teach the GFP seminar to pastors in India. All the teachers had good fellowship with Dr. David Nelson.

We also held the Cross Before the Crown Seminar for a total of 40 participants, including pastors & leaders in Achampet, Telangana. Also during his visit, we arranged for the alumni to meet with Dr. David Nelson. Nearly 15 graduates attended and were motivated to pray for and support CCI.



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