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Indian Subcontinent Countries: Who Jesus Is

I am in Chapter 16 of the Gospel of John. The Word of God makes it crystal clear who Jesus was/is. Jesus would tell the disciples that he was going away but they would have the Spirit of Truth, The Comforter, The Holy Spirit. Also, that people may harm us and it is because they do not know God. This is pertinent because people who believe would receive the spirit of God, howbeit through Jesus. When looking through this Gospel, there is no real reason to discredit Jesus. People of nations all across the globe struggle with who Jesus is. Some of these people grow furious when there is someone preaching the Word. As believers, we are to internalize and share Christ boldly. This is who we are and it's all because of Jesus. The Holy Spirit given to us makes us His witnesses. As I take the word and make disciples of all nations, please be in prayer and participate in this ministry to the world. I love you and thank the Lord for you!



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