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Indian SubContinent: Investing in People

I am praising God because He is worthy and He is so good! I was able to accomplish many things this month. The ministry goals which I set to accomplish for 2022 have been met. It is only by the grace of God; His empowerment and His provision. I thank God for my ministry partners and churches which I am able to share my gifts with. I gladly taught on discipleship at a local church and it was such a blessed time! I filled in for my brother on short notice at a church nearby where I preached from John 9: Can You Relate. What a joy it was and is to share the truths of scripture with God’s people. Doing life with the children of God never gets old. As I do life with those in my training classes, I know that there is nothing else I’d rather do than invest in God’s people. This is my sweet spot, giving of myself to a greater cause that enables others to live purposefully for Christ’s sake all of our days with eternal rewards.



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