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Indonesia: A Journey

Praise God that the 55 day tour in the USA ended well. God did far beyond what I expected; I was blessed, I was equipped, I was strengthened, I was trained, and I learned a lot during those 55 days. We all received a warm welcome from the hosts where we were given the opportunity to stay with them and a good response from the churches we visited. On the 2022 CCI tour, I really evaluated CCI Indonesia's services and realized very well that the theme of this tour was not a coincidence but a reality of CCI Indonesia's journey for the last 4 years.

My move with my family to Makassar 4 years ago made my children struggle in adapting to their environment and school, they felt intimidated by preaching sermons from the mosque, which denounced Christianity. Economically, in the first 3 years we struggled very, very much because we had to pay rent, housing, also school fees for our children, who are getting bigger in payments. Promotion of the CCI Ministry was not well received because many Christian services on this island provide free teaching materials and even give money to participants who attend.



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