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Indonesia: Conferences, Graduations, and Seminars

November is the busiest month for me to travel because I only rested for 10 days after returning from the 2023 CCI tour in the United States. Then, together with the Indonesian CCI team, I attended the global conference in Thailand. From the global conference, we continued with the 5 classes graduation activities and held a cross before crown seminar in Mamasa, West Sulawesi.

I am so happy because for the first time, three members of the Indonesian CCI team could travel abroad and interact with CCI members from other countries. Moreover, God uses these conferences – both through testimonies and sessions – to speak, confirm, and even provide guidance to the Indonesian team.


Team members realize that developing CCI ministry in Indonesia does not solely fall on the director's shoulders or depend only on CCI US donations. It is the responsibility of everyone, especially those of us in Indonesia. I really hope that in 2024, we can focus and work together to achieve the goals of CCI Indonesia. Read More.

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