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Indonesia: Grateful

I am very grateful to God because of His grace, I was able to join the CCI 2022 Fall Tour. I am very grateful to be able to directly meet the people who always pray for and financially support CCI's services in Indonesia. They are hearing firsthand what God is doing through us for the expansion of the kingdom of God in equipping and multiplying leaders in Indonesia.

There are several things that became important notes for me on this tour:

1. I find that a growing church is a church that has teaching for its congregation.

2. The hosts are very grateful when we stay at their homes. They are very respectful and give their best in entertaining and welcoming us while we are in their homes.

3. Communication and relationships enable me to get closer and closer to the people I meet.

4. I also learned from fellow directors about how they developed the CCI ministry in their countries, which I can use to develop the CCI ministry in Indonesia.


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