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Indonesia: Learn From The Past

We should not think of the years gone by, but in some ways we can actually learn from the past. What happened to CCI Indonesia in the past really helped me to learn many things, one of which was about Area Coordinators. Seeing the progress of God's work through CCI on Sumba Island, I felt it was time to prepare to bring on an Area Coordinator. Past experience has taught me that a Coordinator is not just an individual who is appointed and given responsibility. I need to prepare the Coordinator candidate by having him complete training, spend time with him, take the time to get to know his family better, and conduct joint seminars and workshops, all before entrusting the responsibility personally and fully to him. To do this requires sacrifice and there is a price to be paid, but to get a Coordinator fully trained and ready to be on his own, I must be prepared to make regular visits to the island of Sumba every two months. I hope that with this commitment that I have made, in the future Oktovianus B Mila can carry out his responsibilities as Area Coordinator to the fullest. Will you join me in praying for Oktovianus? Read More.



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