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Indonesia: Two Wheels and a Testimony

Ever since the onset of Covid19, every month I have to travel 8-10 hours to West Sulawesi by motorbike. Many of the priests and mission workers died of Covid19 in 2020-2021. Anxiety and fear also hit the clergy who were in Indonesia when they were about to go on a trip. This situation cannot limit me from traveling. For health reasons, I do not use public transportation but I use a motorbike. When I get to West Sulawesi, I have to do some class visits and really needed my motorbike. The things above are what make me have to ride a motorbike for long distances, especially during the rainy season. On the other hand, the danger of accidents also lurks along the way. During my trips, I am careful to avoid an accident, but on March 27, 2022, I had an accident which resulted in a collision with the right side of my body and the road. This had a huge impact on my health. But behind all that, praise God for His hedge of protection, because I avoided hitting another vehicle on the very crowded road. God is good, even though I fell, I was not hit by another vehicle. Continue praying for me because this situation cannot stop me from continuing to carry out the vision and mission that God has given me. Read More.



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