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Laos: Answering Christ's Call

Again, from my experience of hiking on Grassy Ridge Mountain, when we walked up and down the hill on the rough and rocky trail, sometimes I had to run down the steep inclines. I was struggling to move forward and almost passed out. Searching for a place to rest, I spotted a smooth rock surface beside the trail and sat down on it. Looking at the beautiful green hills and feeling the cool breeze, I noticed several wild blueberry bushes with ripe fruit surrounding me. I got up and walked over to the bushes, picking some ripe fruit and putting it in my mouth. I then drank the rest of the water from my bottle. I felt better and regained more energy, allowing me to return to our van with pride and joy.

Through this experience, I learned that when my body becomes weary and tired, consuming a small amount of blueberries, drinking water, and taking a brief rest can help me recover. Similarly, after working hard and expending a lot of energy, taking a drink, shower, and rest can help me recuperate. However, if I become spiritually weary, how can I find rest? Can a cold drink or shower make my spiritual life rest? No, and there's no way. But the Bible tells us clearly that Jesus Christ came and died on the cross and rose from death for our sins. As believers, we know that we can find rest and freedom in Christ, but there are still many people dying all over the world who have never heard of Jesus. Read More.


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