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Laos: Feed My Lambs

I have worked in remote areas with the Bru tribe church leaders, who had an animism background. When they converted and became Christians, they defined the word “love” in a different way. A pastor, who was my student, confessed to me that when a non-Christian asked him to show God's love to him, the pastor said that he could not show and explain God’s love to that non-Christian.

I believe that most of those church leaders love God; they have the heart of love for God. But in the role of leadership, the love for God is a basic Christian habit, but not enough to be a leader as a shepherd. Leaders must understand what God’s love is, how to love God, how to love God’s people and how to lead God’s people in the right way. Only a Christian education is the answer; for these leaders must know and understand the Word of God before teaching others.

This is what CCI brings to them. When CCI becomes known among church leaders, most of them realized that they need to devote themselves to studying and they register to participant in the CCI program. And now we have opened two new classes with 32 church leaders.



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