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Laos: Harvesting Souls

What we have learned from our seminar "Church Planting Essentials" is that the Word above reminds us again that we should cry out to the Lord to send out more workers into the harvest field. Yes, Laos is the land of hungry people for God. It seems like the harvest field is ready to harvest, but we have fewer workers. As a CCI worker, God calls me to this role. I realize that while I cry out to the Lord to send out the workers, I ask Him for help and guidance. As the leader in the field, I must make disciples who will make more disciples.

Last month we had two days conducting a TTW with 9 specific participants. While we were conducting this, all our coordinators and their couples joined this event, and all 9 people signed an agreement to be CCI teachers and have plans to open classes. After the TTW finished, we sent them home and continued for another two days to conduct Leadership Training. We were blessed and learned new things from each other. We reviewed our goals and reminded each other to fulfill our vision and reach our goals. Read More.



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