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Laos: Not Alone in the Mission

Thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness! The turbulence passed and new blessings have come. Since all the world was effected by the pandemic and countries were closed, this and many other things caused us to purify our lives. We have been experiencing God’s blessing again with a chance to go to the U.S.A for a tour to visit the churches and meet with our supporters. I always thank God for the warm welcome, hospitality and generosity of the church people who host us in their house for lodging and for meals. By these actions I know that we are not alone in the field of our mission. Unfortunately, this time we did not have a chance to meet and visit all of our friends and donors, but we always thank God for your faithful prayers and support. With everyone that we met, we heard the words: “We always pray for you.” We appreciate the donors who support us and are a part of our ministry. We know and are grateful to God for what He has done for us on this tour through the lives of those who we experienced life with in the last two months.

On this tour, I have learned from others while among brothers from different cultures and countries. We have stronger friendships and have become more close in fellowship. I learned how to serve and live in the turbulent situation in the past few years. Read More.



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