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Laos: Walking by Faith

March this year marks the one-year anniversary of our temporary closing of activities due to the Covid-19 outbreak and other consequences. When the country reopened, we excitedly began our mission just one month later. We have bad news again, the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the world's economic system and has negatively impacted our country. Due to the war and a third Coronavirus outbreak in Laos, everything has become more expensive. With the rising cost of food and oil, it has become difficult to make a living. As this is a challenge to the CCI Laos mission, we thank God as He guides us through these things and gives us a clear picture of His grace and power.

The more bad things the world does, the more we love God, the more we see churches grow and ministers become more interested in the expansion of the kingdom of God. For example on April 4-5, leaders from 42 churches came together to learn about leadership and the vision and mission of CCI.



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