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Liberia: Transforming Lives One Class at a Time

The month of June 2024 was awesome! I had the opportunity to call 15 students from five classes to find out how they were doing in the lesson. It was heartwarming to hear about the life-changing experiences they are having. They thanked God so much for CCI and promised to do all they could to graduate from CCI. Our students are being enlightened as they study together each week. Transformation is taking place in the lives of our teachers and students. What excites me the most is students’ participation in class discussions. This is an indication that students are working on their assignments each week before class. Feedback from students on the impact of the books is encouraging. Thank God!

I visited some classes in Nimba County and Gbarnga City last month. It was good to meet students and hear what they are learning in the classrooms. I met some of the students of Dennis J. Monmia, who is teaching in Saclepea, Nimba County. They are already applying what they learn each week in their churches. They were all happy to see and hear me speak about CCI’s vision for Liberia. They asked me to thank Dr. Nelson and CCI USA staff for including Liberia in CCI’s plans. The students are excited to be equipped and promised to keep attending their CCI class in Saclapea. I prayed for the teachers and students. Read More.



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