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Mexico: Arnold's

A Test, A Guest, and Now to Finish the Rest

On the13th of April, we finished our third level of Spanish school. We learned about indefinite pronouns and adjectives. We also learned about comparatives and superlatives (most and -est). Then we learned about reflexive verbs. These are verbs where the action is done to oneself, like to repent (arrepentirse). How interesting that this action is always reflexive. No one else can do this for you, not God, not your friend; only you can do this action. We also learned the passive voice, which is when you have an action being done in general and there is no specific subject. At the end of this session, we learned 4 verb conjugations: the perfect preterite, pluperfect, future perfect, and conditional perfect. All of that seems like a lot and it was. But God provided us with the retention and recollection for which we asked you to pray. Jenny and I passed that level and we were excited to prepare for a visit from the president and founder of CCI, David Nelson.

We were given a ten-day break in between sessions. While on break, we enjoyed the beach and did some shopping in the original market of Puerto Escondido. They have so many things there such as meats, pastries, restaurants, cellphone accessories, fruits, vegetables, sweets, toys, beach items, a whole aisle of fresh flowers, clothes, and even a pet store. It is always fun to speak with the people and practice the Spanish that we are learning.



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