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Mexico: Arnolds September 2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Will you meet Jesus empty handed?

This month started off with news that knocked us off our feet. We received news that our best friend, brother, mentor, and fellow teacher, Aaron Issler, went home to be with the Lord. We watched as many people posted on social media about how he had influenced their lives. This was encouraging to see but we hastily thought, “Lord what is happening here? Are we still on the right path for what you want us to do or should we stay and help Doris and our church do ministry here in FL?” Through much prayer we are certain that God wants us to stay our current course. We can rejoice in this, that Aaron is in his eternal place next to Jesus. Aaron sung a song, that you can find on the music streaming service Spotify, that a friend of his wrote called “I don’t want to meet Jesus Empty Handed.” He didn’t meet Jesus empty handed as he led many people to the Lord. Aaron loved his Savior and wanted everyone to know him. As he was led, Aaron would hand out a tract, talk to someone about Jesus, and even mentor someone. Aaron was willing to sacrifice his time to ensure that people were taught to be strong in their faith and know what they believe and why they believed it. Will you meet Jesus empty handed?



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