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Mexico- Arnolds: Lets Taco Bout It

On the 25th of April, we started the last session of our language learning journey. Our last class will be on June 10th, when we will take our final exam and receive our certificate of language learning. We are both excited to be completing this part of our journey. But we are also sad to leave since we have made so many great friendships here in this town. However, we always say it is not “goodbye”, it is “see you later.” I see that the Lord has given us these relationships for us to have connections in different parts of Mexico to use for the ministry and ultimately for His glory.

During American mother’s day, the local town, Rio Grande, had a Taco Festival. We went and enjoyed spending time in the culture eating tacos. We did not eat cow stomach or cow head tacos, but they were available. Jenny got to celebrate mother’s day twice as Mexico celebrates “Dia de la Mamá” on May 10th every year. It was very different for her this year.



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