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Mexico: Strengthening the Church & Serving the Community

In April, we helped with a medical group from Grand Canyon University.  We went to the

hospital  and the free clinic in town so the team could help any way they could.  We also held a clinic in a remote part of town.  We drove an hour and a half from Puerto Peñasco to have another clinic.  This group had people who were looking to become missionaries.  We took them to one of the feeding centers we know of here called “Bread of Life”. This also helped us make new contacts for promoting the CCI ministry.

We also helped with Kid’s Day which is on April 30th but we celebrated it on the Saturday before so more could attend.  We were in charge of the “Plinko” game.  Bending over to retrieve the prizes multiple times left me feeling sore the next day.  But it was all worth it to give the kids a great time.

In Mexico, they celebrate Labor Day on May 1st.  They also celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico on the 10th of May.   Mother’s Day was the 12th in the US so Jenny had a weekend of celebrating mothers.  Our children video-chatted and sent messages to Jenny.  Times like this challenge her as she misses being with the children.  She is excited that she will get to see them when we travel to Florida to relocate Keith’s father from Colorado.



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