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Mexico: THe Arnold's Taco 'Bout It

Driving back from a meeting one day, Keith decided to stop by the housing complex where he and the team from our church would stay when they came to Mexico on mission trips. Keith stopped and took a picture of where he and Jenny realized what God had planned for them in Mexico. They did not know all the details, but they felt a tug on their heart, which was confirmed when they both felt the same calling. It was a great reminder of why God orchestrated things in their lives to put them in Mexico as missionaries with CCI today.

Over the last month, we have been working to develop new classes. Keith was offered the

opportunity to present the ministry at Missionary of Christ Jesus Church. This is a small home church but is pastored by the man Keith met while getting a haircut when we first arrived here. They have started a class in course 1 (Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation) and want to start another in the same church on a different day because all the people that want to get the training.



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