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Mexico: The Arnold's Taco Times

During the holidays, we typically gather around family and reminisce about times spent together. Sometimes, the family gatherings have people at odds with one another. Paul speaks about forgiveness before with these words above. When we are confronted with relational challenges among ourselves, we as the children of God, should react as Christ did when He went to the cross for us and forgave us. We need to forgive others, even if we are at odds with someone. This is how we mitigate the challenge before it gets to be bigger than it needs to be. Vocalization of that forgiveness, with the word of God, is necessary. We can do all this because we have the peace of God ruling our heart.

At the beginning of this month, we flew to Colorado to present at Rosemont Baptist Church. We met with their missions’ team previously, and they decided to support us.



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