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Mexico: The Arnolds October 2021

Prayer, Thanks, and Peace

As we made final preparations to leave for language school, we got to celebrate Jenny’s parents’ birthday and enjoyed spending time with the family before we departed for eight months. We were also blessed with the opportunity to spend time with our friends and church members. The emotions are mixed as we are excited to start this next part of the journey on which God has us. Saying goodbye is difficult so we started saying that it is not goodbye but see you later.

As we see in the book of Acts, the apostles prayed for Peter and John as they were sent out. Our church, the president of CCI, David Nelson, and many others prayed over us and for us as we were getting ready to leave to learn Spanish. Prayer is an essential part of ministry. Bathing our endeavors in prayer helps to put us into a mindset that even though we are committing to action, it is God who sets the way. (Prov 5:21, 16:1, 16:3, 16:9) We have given our anxiety, our fears, our unfamiliarity, and our ability to retain information all to God. He knows our requests and now we give thanks.

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