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Mexico: The Arnolds Taco 'bout It.

Every May in Mexico, they celebrate the kids of Mexico with a “Dia de los niños” festival. (The day of the children). Jenny and I helped during several festivals by telling the children of the gift that Jesus gave to them by dying on the cross. Since they receive gifts and candy from the many people that are in their lives this is a great time to use this opportunity to give them the gospel.

On May 1st, we began the 2,204-mile journey for 33hrs. This was made easier by breaking up the drives into approximately eight-hour segments. We first stopped in El Paso, TX to stay the night. Then we drove to San Antonio, TX the next day. After staying the night there, we drove to Covington, LA. There we met some friends that we made while in language school. They took us out to dinner and then we went back to their house for coffee and dessert. And of course, we can’t go on a road trip through Texas and not stop off at Buc’ees. Since 2020, when we purchased our vehicle with 34K miles on it, we have put over 50K miles on it with our drive to Mexico and now returning to Florida for our daughter’s wedding. Read More.



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