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Mexico: The Arnolds Taco Bout It

Wow! We can’t believe that our daughter, the youngest child, is married. We were blessed with a grand celebration of their union as Pastor Bryan Goebert administered the ceremony. They both took a biblical marriage class in North Carolina where they lived prior to the ceremony. Pastor Bryan suggested a man by the name of Gio, who delivered the class to them, along with his wife. They have now become great friends and enjoy times of fellowship. The wedding was very beautiful and of course, there were many tears of joy and sheer amazement at what God has done in their lives and how he has orchestrated things to this moment. If you would like to view the video of the event and the pictures taken, you can go to this link PHOTOS OF THE WEDDING, enter your email and this password: KuhnArnold2023!. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!

After the wedding on May 26, we spent the beginning of June getting the rest of our belongings from the church and ordering books for the courses that Keith will be teaching in Mexico. We visited a church called Worship Life Church that was close to the house in which we stayed while we were in Florida. We left some information about our mission and asked for prayer. We also visited a church called Vibrant Church. This is a new church plant in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Keith met with Pastor Brandon Hughes 7 months prior when the church was just getting started. They discussed how they could help one another and encouraged each other in prayer. When we met with him one Sunday, he expressed his desire for the church to assist us financially. Please be praying for this to become a reality for them. We also pray for their growth and ability to present Christ to that area and to be a blessing to the community there. Read More.


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