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Mexico: The Taco Times

In the beginning of June, we had a grand celebration of birthdays.  Keith’s sister, Kristie, and her son Garrett came to visit.  We celebrated her’s and Keith’s birthdays with tacos and cakes.  Kristie wanted to see first-hand the work that we do in Mexico so we showed her some of the churches with whom we work.  Kristie met many of the pastors and people we work with and do life with on a daily basis.  This was a great time for her and her son to reconnect also and take time away from their busy lives.

On June 6th-8th we were blessed with the opportunity to attend a Pastor’s conference which was held at a few different locations in Mexico.  In the mornings it was at Villa Granada which is a hotel for missions.  In the evenings the conference was held at a few churches.  This was great time of encouragement for us as we were given the opportunity to share the ministry.  All of the messages that were preached focused on teaching the congregation and others to help in ministry.  This is precisely what the courses that CCI offers can accomplish.  We were not able to attend the last day of the conference because we left early in the morning with my sister and her son to drive to Colorado.



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