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Mexico: The Taco Times-March 2023

A few people have asked us about how we are doing. To which we have responded, “We are doing well.” God is AMAZING! We have acclimated to the culture and have kept busy. We have been helping Joel by making a logo for his church, painting, and welding bars for security. We made some flyers for visitation, and he is waiting for funding to print them. We have also made a logo for Erik's church and will help them with visitation. We are excited to start a class in July with six pastors. Maybe more by the time we start it. Our ability to speak Spanish is improving (we still strive to be fluent). We met some people who attended the same Spanish school as we did in 2021/2022. They work with 16Eight, an organization that feeds and assists the people of Mexico with housing and construction projects here in Puerto Peñasco. They have a burden to bring discipleship to the people they feed weekly. We have spoken to them about the courses that CCI offers. We have also connected with Samuel, the pastor of Iglesia Betel, whom I certified to teach, and discussed with him why he did not continue teaching the classes. He has been concerned more about completing his church building. Each piece of plywood cost 850 pesos. He needs 24 and has about 17 now. What a process. He said he would like some of His congregation members to attend the second course when we start. We praise God for the opportunities and new relationships we are developing. Read More.


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