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Myanmar: Ambassadors for Christ

Greetings from Myanmar!

We never stop thanking to our living and loving Savior Jesus Christ. Also, thanks to all of you too for your consistent prayer support that God listens to. Because of Him alone, we can live and step into the calling that is overwhelmed by evildoers that inject fear in the lives of people in Myanmar.

During the last two months, team members were very careful in traveling due to the unexpected killings and brutal actions of coups upon innocent people and their properties. People gathering and tele-communications have been limited in some areas. Despite limitations, most teachers voluntarily kept getting involved in providing aid to people in hiding and current natural disaster victims (flood) as much as possible, along with prayer and words of encouragement.

I can continue two online classes plus I occasionally recruit some teachers in training. Students are so enthusiastic in learning God’s Word.

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