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Myanmar: Amidst Uncertainty

This is our prayer that each one of you are being refreshed in all areas of your lives and effective in the Lord’s work. God is so faithful upon the teachers and area leaders of CCI-Myanmar, along with the people of Myanmar in providing needs and safety that we don’t deserve. We praise His name highly for who He is and what He does.

The unrest situation of Myanmar is not getting better, people are unintentionally forced to think about the practicality of life and to look further for a stable atmosphere and for safety. Refuge camps are not safe in many places at all. Recently, the coup killed three monks and thirty innocent people who hid in the monastery for months. One of our coworkers was shocked because that happened near his place, which has been a safe zone since the military took over the ruling. This bad news spread to camps across the land that instilled fear into many. Read More.



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